Check out our vast array of inflatable attractions! Perfect for your next school event, fundraiser or company picnic.

  • 80’ Obstacle Course

    This impressive inflatable obstacle course is a whopping 80′ long!! Your guests will race to see who can scale TWO 15′ rock climbs & slides and complete the challenges on their way to victory!

    Footprint: 80’L x 12’W x 16’H
    Age of participants: 5 & up
    Power Usage: (3) 9.5 amp blowers

  • 50’ Obstacle Course

    This inflatable, two-piece unit will test the agility of your junior boot campers with obstacles such as an eliminator wall, a 17-foot tall slide and a climbing wall. An average of 150-175 participants per hour can complete the course. Includes one game attendant.

    Footprint: 50’L x 15’W
    Age of participants: 5 to 18
    Power Usage: (2) 20 amp blowers

  • Ironman Obstacle Course

    This three piece unit will test the strength, agility, and quickness of all participants as they avoid obstacles, scale a rock wall and finally the large 10 foot tall slide. Average 150-175 participants per hour.

    Footprint: 50’L x 20’W
    Age of Participants: 5 to 18
    Power Usage: (3) 10 amp blowers

  • Giant 20′ Double Slide

    Kids LOVE these!! A 20′ tall giant slide with TWO super fast lanes of fun is a major attraction at any event!

    Footprint: 30’L x 19’W x 22’H
    Age of Participants: 4 & up
    Power Usage: (1) 9.5 amp blower

  • Side-By-Side Bungee Race

    Race side by side to see how far you can get down the runway before the bungee pulls you back.

    12’ wide by 30’ long

  • Dual Sport Basketball Dunk

    This dual bungee sport game brings the excitement of both slam-dunk basketball as well as gridiron football. Includes one game attendant.

    Footprint: 40’L x 12’W
    Age of participants 7 to 18
    Power Usage: 10 amp blower

  • Boxing Ring/Joust

    Joust your way into stardom!

  • Jousting Circle

    Take jousting to a whole new level! No clumsy joust stands here. Instead, we put a tilt’n inflatable platform that humbles even the most athletic challengers.

    Footprint: 30’L x 30’W
    Age of Participants: 7 to 18
    Power Usage: 10 amp blower

  • Smiley Face Bounce House

    What can be more fun than jumping on a giant bed of air?! The kids will have a ball bouncing around in this brightly colored Bouncer. Its loads of fun and great exercise, too!!

    Footprint: 20’L x 15’W x 13’H (must be a level area)
    Age of Participants: 3 to 15
    Power Usage: (1) 10.5 amp blower

  • Castle Bounce House

    Great for elementary school carnivals.

  • Monkey Bounce House

    A great Bounce House for little tikes.

  • Kiddiepillar

    It’s not really a caterpillar, and it’s not just an obstacle course. It’s Kiddiepillar. While inside, kids peer through the windows, dodge a variety of obstacles and swoosh down the slide.

    Footprint: 55’L x 20’W
    Age of Participants: 3 to 12
    Power Usage: 10 amp blower

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